Friday, July 21, 2006

last two weeks...

Some sketches that I did last two weeks. Did the coloring after. Sorry for the wrinkles on the paper. Obviously, they were not on watercolor paper, just in my sketch book--watercolor paper are costly, eventhough I'm only using the cheaper ones. I get nervous when I know I'm drawing on good paper and don't want to mess up--but most of the time I messed up because of that 0.0

Pirate Design for Class blog

Find out the drawing is actually a little too big for my scanner. Thus, the beer mug got chopped off. Still having anatomy problem. Wonder where all the life drawing practice have gone -.- and the colors too dirty...All in all, this is not a good design, but I needed the practice -.- Welcome any comments or criticism!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bus stop sketch

School is really quiet these days...
A sketch done while waiting for the bus driver. I colored it with watercolor after I got home. Quite enjoyed it since it's done casually. Helps to loosen up my mind. May be I should sketch more often instead of just sleeping on the bus...unfortunately my best sleep is always on a bus ;P

Chicken Taxidermy

A drawing for the class blog :) Make sure you read the name plate in the drawing;P