Monday, November 29, 2010

furry creature

Another Black & White illustration on Painter. It's a good exercise where I learn to use the different brushes better, especially dealing with fur and hair.

The only 'pain' here is with the cintiq!! I have a wide screen monitor as well as a 12"cintiq. All the time I have been working on the cintiq and forgot to pull the file back to the widescreen to check the color and contrast. Cintiq has this problem with color management. The painting would look sharp and have nice color on the cintiq, but when you bring it back to a normal screen, the contrast is lost and the color is cooler. Tonight, I have tried to reset my cintiq's contrast and color temperature. It's still looking much yellower and warmer than normal, but better than what was before, at least. I wish they could fix this problem in the future with the newer version of cintiq. Then, it would really be the 'perfect' digital tool.

To me, hand-drawn is still the best :D

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black and White character painting

Did a black and white painting of a character I designed for tonal practice at Painter. It took me a long time and it is definitely hard for me! I like how the face turned out, but don't really like what he is wearing. Should have worked out his body design better before I paint. For now, I'm glad to move on to the next lesson :P

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pin Up for UXB

Recently, my friend and colleague, Colin Lorimer, has published his own comic, UXB, online. It is really my honor to have done this pin up illustration for it. If you are looking for some really amazing looking artwork (almost an obsession with lines and details :D) , you should check out his comic here:

I very much enjoy painting this pin up since I haven't done any traditional painting for a long time (well, may be not even digital work). The feeling of real paint and water is just good! And for a long time, I haven't drawn anything in a style that I enjoy.

It's always inspiring to see other people being so dedicated to their own work. More like a kick in my head, telling me to wake up and start doing something of my own. It is a blessing to have a job in design, but personal work is vital to my artistic development and keep me going. I guess every artist has that urge to express themselves in their own way!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Painting Practise

Thought I should start practising my painting skills again. It's getting so rusty....

Ah....same old, no time for anything....-_-

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