Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pin Up for UXB

Recently, my friend and colleague, Colin Lorimer, has published his own comic, UXB, online. It is really my honor to have done this pin up illustration for it. If you are looking for some really amazing looking artwork (almost an obsession with lines and details :D) , you should check out his comic here:

I very much enjoy painting this pin up since I haven't done any traditional painting for a long time (well, may be not even digital work). The feeling of real paint and water is just good! And for a long time, I haven't drawn anything in a style that I enjoy.

It's always inspiring to see other people being so dedicated to their own work. More like a kick in my head, telling me to wake up and start doing something of my own. It is a blessing to have a job in design, but personal work is vital to my artistic development and keep me going. I guess every artist has that urge to express themselves in their own way!


Wai (John) said...

this looks so good! impressive!!


Donna Leong said...

Thanks, Wai!

Skid said...

This looks really awesome Donna!!!

Naomi Chelsea said...

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