Sunday, September 17, 2006

Class weekly illustration--ANCIENT

A weekly illo for my animation class.
For me, ancient is something, hm, old...maybe. Here's an old chinese lady in ancient costume. And having her flying on a cloud 'definitely' makes her 'more ancient' because the clouds are old too ^o^ Yes, this really makes 'a lot of sense'!! XP


Felicia said...

Oh man, this makes me nostalgic ^^ It reminds me of the old days when i used to read those children's books about anicent Chinese stories.

*huggles the picture*

SAL said...

very cute.. feels like a picture you might see on a stamp...not sure why exactly.

Joanna said...


At high school, I had to remember lots Chinese poetry...I miss that.

I feel that Chinese New Year is coming soon...ah

BTW, I love the painting of Chicken. I ganna link it to my Favourites!