Saturday, February 17, 2007

Random stuff 2

Some stuff drawn last week during my procrastination to do my animation assignment. These days, life is not as fun because of all the stress from graduation. A list of misfortunate events happened to me today are:
1) Left my wallet at school on Thursday nite and have to go back this morning to get it.
2) My flipbook at home crashes everytime I try to capture a drawing. now, i have to capture it as bmp in another program and import it into flipbook.
3) Got a stomache.
4) May be there'll be an earthquake tonite
5) and the ceiling would collapse on me.
6) and people can't find my dead body
7) and I would become the meal of the crows in my neighborhood....

But life goes on. And i still need to go back to work now Xo
Cheers to everyone.

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