Thursday, July 12, 2007

Practice 2

I only did a few drawings when I was away in June. The painting is based on one of the doodles above. I was trying to paint it in a different way than I usually did, so it took me more time.
I'm glad I got a fan today. The heat is killing me x{


Katherine said...

Donna, good to see your drawings again!! I like the first drawing the most (may be the feeling I got from the drawing, just like the stage of caterpillars turn into butterflies or sakura trees in blossom) ^_^ The 2nd drawing gives me a little bit sad & lonely feeling, esp. the small one on its top left corner).. but adding the water color on the 3rd drawing, the sad feelings fades away a bit..

just my personal thoughts... how do u feel about it?

Donna Leong said...

Thanks Katherine.
I think I like the first one more, too. The second drawings are doodles from sketch book, didn't really think of it as sad, haha! I think she's more like reluctant.

Katherine said...

PS: "I'm glad I got a fan today." I thought you got a "fan"... but after I noticed the heat, now I realized that you're talking about the machine... :p

ken said...

these drawings are gorgeous! love the feel of the first two

ken :D

Corbe said...

D-train, your stuff is looking awesome.